What are the most popular types of kebab?

Cultura gastronómica

In its broadest definition, we can say that a kebab It is a dish of Middle Eastern origin, prepared from various types of meat, cooked on a vertical spit and served sliced thinly sliced ​​or chopped, with vegetables, sauces and pita bread. Different ones are known types of kebabIn addition, there are many regional and … Read more

A law banning the use of the term meat in alternative plant-based foods has been suspended in France

Ley contra los alimentos vegetales que imitan a la carne en Francia

Recently was announced in France by the coming into force of the regulations which banned the use of the term meat in plant-based food products that imitate foods of animal origin. This new law was intended to put an end to alleged deceptive trade practices that confuse consumers, and would also protect the terms meat, … Read more